JH Plumbing and Heat

What Do I Do?

 This is an overview of products and services I provide. These are not all that there is, of course. We can work together to provide just about anything you need.


  • Baseboard heat
  • Fin tube (Petite 7, 9), panel type (Buderus, Myson), and wall / ceiling hung units (Rinnai, Modine)

  • Heating units
  • Gas condensing, oil fired cast iron, wood burning

  • Radiant heat
    In your concrete, under the floor, in the wall

  • Freeze resisting
    Glycol and maybe a little heat tape, but plugging holes were the wind gets in is the most important.

  • Heat lines
    New copper or replace with plastic lines that can take some freeze expansion

  • Boiler cleaning
    Yes! I will vaccum the soot out of your unit and replace oil filters and nozzel, while looking for any signs of trouble. Efficiency will be tested and ajusted.
  • Plumbing

  • Water heaters
    Electric, gas, indirect (from your oil or gas fired boiler)

  • Water distribution systems
    Copper and/or plastic (Watts Pex, Wirsbo Pex, etc.)

  • Drainage systems
    Waste drains in pvc, abs, copper, no hub cast

  • Kitchen and bath fixtures
    Install or repair / replace toilets, faucets, tubs / showers, sinks

  • Filters
    Whole house sediment filters, softeners, iron filters, etc.

  • Witerise
    Close your home for the winter to prevent brust pipes and busted fixtures.

  • Washer / Dryer
    Water supply / drain, and dryer vent. And electrician may be needed for new electrical connections.

  • Dish washer
    Usually tie in under kitchen sink

  • Refrigerator water / ice maker line
    A small hole in the floor behind the fridge, then find the nearest cold water line.

  • Outside faucet
    Sillcock, hose bib, etc. Whatever, you just want to water or wash something easier. I want you to, too

  • Pumps
    Grinder pumps, sump pumps, pump ups for additions below sewer lines
  • Repairs

  • On all the above
    Minerals in your water and the 2nd law of thermodynamics are working against you. Things will stop working properly, eventually.

  • Freeze ups
    Left the window open in January? Maybe the garage? Freeze ups happen.
  • Toilets
    Okay my list might be getting redundant now, but know this: Your toilet will stop working right someday. The trick is knowing when it's a quick enough fix, or just better in the long run to replace it. And please, don't put that blue thing in the tank, you're just asking for trouble. "Google it" if you don't believe me.
  • New construction

  • Plumbing / heating rough in and finish
    Residential and light commercial

  • Remodel
    I can gut it out for you,  help you with planning new placement (if different), rough in the piping and return to finish the fixture installation.  Don't take it for granted that you will be able to put everything where you want it; drainage must be pitched to work, water pipes should not be in outside walls, and we wouldn't want to do anything to floor joists or wall studs that would cause a carpenter to shake his head.