JH Plumbing and Heat

History for J. H.

As of October 2015 I've been plumbing and heating for over 15 years in the greater Windham / Cheshire county area. I spent my first 8 years in the trade working for Oly's Plumbing and Heating. During that time I completed the 4 years of schooling and apprenticeship required by VT and NH in order to test for my Journeyman license. Soon after that I tested for my Masters in NH, and VT reciprocated.

Over those first 8 years I became proficient in new residential system installation, including the rough in of heat pipes, water pipes and drainage pipes. A lot of time was spent on remodels and additions for home owners as well. Many of these systems used the latest plastic supply piping technology and radiant heat applications. Some of the time I led, or was involved with,  various commercial projects. From food service kitchens to condos, from offices to warehouses. Commercial projects have their own set of issues that are different from residential ones, but the plumbing and heating principals remain the same.

I was also "on call" most of the time after completing schooling. Usually this involved troubleshooting "no heat" and "freeze up" issues during the winter months. Sometimes calls were just explaining an issue and giving reassurance to customers that things would be all right until the issue was addressed during normal work hours. Maybe even helping a person find the right shut off valve over the phone, saving the cost of after hours rates. (No hot water for bathing, while an inconvenience, does not necessarily an emergency make. Especially when you hear what an after hours charge could total).

In October of 2008 I officially started working for myself in the plumbing and heating field as JH P + H. I continued working and learning in all the same areas I started with. Yeah, great time to be starting a business, I know, but we play the hand we're dealt. During my business start-up a lot of work was for friends and family, of course, but business has  branched out well from those humble beginings.

January 1st, 2012 I partnered with Expert Drain Care, but more likely you know them as Roto Rooter, in offering plumbing and heating services. My business name didn't change and I was still the only plumber for the Expert Drain Care plumbing and heating divisons of Roto Rooter and JH P+H. The idea was to grow both businesses with more service offerings, and it cerainly was a successful partnership. However, circumstances change, and in October of 2013 I returned to representing only myself for my plumbing and heating business.

Now I continue to offer my services to home owners, landlords, realators, resturants, carpenters, building managers, well, people and busniess of all kinds and even sub for other plumbing and/or heating outfits. The seasons bring cycles of work: Fall sees alot of boiler cleanings and replacements; Winters bring froozen pipe repairs and emergencies; Spring and tax returns spike remodels; Summer is a great time for new construction, although new building projects are worked on all through the year. Every year I see interesting home-owner repairs and every now and then see some old part or applance I've never seen before.

I am always learning about new products and new ways to bring customers quality service with the best tools and parts for safe, long lasting repairs and installations. Part of this is keeping my VT and NH licenses current by taking classes about the plumbing codes and keeping up to date code books, as well as paying annual fees to hold those licences. Everything I do for my customers adds to my knowledge and experiece, informing my opionins on what products are the best to use in each circustamce. I have learned quite a lot over the years, but I don't know everyting. I promise I will do the best I can for my customers.

When you call JH P+H you will be calling my cell phone. I may not be able to answer your call when you ring if I am in the middle of working on something, or in a no cell service zone such as Marlboro, or anywhere out rt. 30. Knowing how frustrating it feels not having calls returned I do my best to reply to all inquiries within 24 hours. Questions that are not time sensitive can be emailed, if you like, and texting to my number is ok too.

Thanks for taking the time to read up on my busniess. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me: JH.Plumbing.Heat@gmail.com

See you around,
J. H.